Announcement: Yeastrol Review: Does Yeastrol Work?

by Julia Mathew on April 16, 2013

Do you have a yeast infection that you can’t get rid of? Have you tried everything on the market like creams and lotions but nothing seems to work? If the answer is yes then you haven’t tried Yeastrol as a solution.

This is a safe and effective homeopathic remedy that has been time-tested and FDA approved. It is a natural and safe product that was developed by a highly qualified homeopathic physician who has been using these formulas in his practice for over 25 years. In fact, the physician has attended homeopathic school in Germany as well as a medical school in Italy.

Complete Treatment for Multiple Symptoms

This unique treatment has been known to attack multiple symptoms that inflict both men and women with yeast infections. The formula has been known to help with an array of symptoms such as:

  • Infection
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Digestive issues
  • Reduced energy
  • Burning urination
  • Eczema and skin rash
  • Genital rash and itching
  • Anxiety and nervousness
  • Vaginal and penile discharge
  • Bloating and abdominal pain
  • Urgent and frequent urination
  • Weak and diminished strength

Natural & Effective Ingredients

The ingredients in this medicine have been selected by a skilled team highly knowledgeable in homeopathy. Utilizing the science of homeopathy which is over 2000 years old, the formula focuses on selected natural substances that can encourage the body’s healing systems. Additionally, the ingredients are largely known to be toxic-free with no side effects.

Each of the ingredients has an X or C which defines its strength. An X indicates that an ingredient has gone through a 1 to 10 dilution and the letter C indicates a 1 to 100 dilution. The active ingredients are as follows:

12X Candida Albicans: A nosode (homeopathic remedy prepared from the discharge or diseased part of a living being) used for fungal infections triggered by C.albicans; helps with vaginal discomfort, discharge and itching in women

12X of Candida parapsilosis: A nosode (homeopathic remedy prepared from the discharge or diseased part of a living being) for symptoms and fungal infections of candidiasis; treats vaginal and vulval discharge and itching in women

3X of Baptista Tinctoria (Baptisia australis): Assists with burning sensations when urinating, aids in abdominal distention and fullness, sore throat, headache, whole body achiness especially the lower back and neck and reduces feeling of weakness

3X of Echinacea Augustifolia (Purple Coneflower): Used to treat various fevers for different illnesses like scarlet fever and dysentery. Helpful infections that are hard to get rid of, easing thrush, accumulation of mucus in throat, abdominal pain and gas, frequent urination, burning sensation when urinating and low energy

200C of Pyrogenium: Aids in restoring intestinal flora, helps digestion, assists in infection with fever and helps skin rashes and eczema

30 C of Kreosotum: Used for prostate irritation and amenorrhea in women. Helps with burning pain at epigastria (anterior walls of the abdomen), cools “hot” urination; reduces burning and itching in eyes, soles of feet and ears

30C of Mercurius Cyanatis: Used for chronic sore throat; treating gray-white ulcerations inside of cheeks and on tongue and reduces weakness

30C of Mercurius sulphuratus ruber (Cinnibar): Relieves swelling and redness of the face (especially around eyes), assists in healing ulcers in the mouth and throat, helps with intense itching and pricking (especially around joints). In men it eases penis swelling and itching of corona glandis. In women it helps with whitish discharge, uncomfortable pressure in the vagina and general nervous anxiety

30C of Nitricum acidum: Comforts itchy skin and rashes; helps heal cracking and ulcers on mucosal membranes such as the throat, mouth, anus and vagina, eases painful emission of urine and irregular or difficult bowel movements; eases cough and hoarseness, helps with and heart palpitations and shortness of breath, calms nerves, reduces insomnia and night sweats

30C of Sulphuricum acidum: In men it reduces itching in glands and in women it helps with hot flushes, vaginal discharge and tremors all over body

30C of Thuja occidentalis (Arbor vitae): Helps with burning sensation in anus, itching in urethra and hemorrhoids plus helps with a persistent cough. In men it reduces itching around genital organs. For women it reduces burning and itching plus calms biting pains in the vagina

Other Reasons to Use

Aside from the many healing ingredients used for yeast infection, Yeastrol has a lot of other qualities that are extremely beneficial. Not like creams or lotions, it is an anti-yeast treatment that works from the inside out. The product is toxic-free and can be used by anyone age 12 and older. However, it is recommended to consult a healthcare professional before taking any type of medicine.

Some the additional benefits and highlight include:

  • Easy to use
  • No known side-effects
  • No drug interactions or drowsiness
  • No cruelty of animals or animal testing
  • Safe for high risk patients and the elderly
  • No added preservatives or artificial additives
  • Money back guarantee within 90 days of purchase

This remedy is also very easy to use. All you do is spray twice under your tongue three times a day. It is that simple.

What do People Say about It?

When you look at the reviews for this cure you will find some amazing testimonies. People that have been suffering from yeast infections for years have finally found a solution. Here are some of the stories:

Kelly stated; “I was sick of using messy creams to ease my Yeast Infections. I’m so glad I discovered Yeastrol – it’s so much easier and just as effective.”

Gina stated: “When I got pregnant, I was worried my yeast infection treatments would harm my baby. I’m so happy I found an all-natural treatment that’s safe!”

Left Untreated

A yeast infection that is left untreated can result in an overgrowth of yeast in the body. If the yeast infection is left to long it can change into its fungus form and spread rather quickly throughout the body. Therefore, it is imperative that the infection be taken care of as soon as possible.

This is a natural and safe remedy for all types of yeast infections. In fact, it has even been used for ear infections for pet owners. Find relief today and do not wait for the yeast infection to spread. You can trust that Yeastrol help eliminate many of the symptoms of your unwanted yeast infection.


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